Microsoft 365 Services

Microsoft 365 is the next generation of Microsoft services for business. For decades, Microsoft applications like Exchange, Sharepoint and others have been managed by every business individually. Now, with Microsoft 365, the experts at Microsoft run the services so you can focus on your business.

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What We Offer

On-premises to Exchange Online Migration

Our team has moved thousands of mailboxes from on-premises Exchange environments to Microsoft 365. Let us help you take your next step on the Exchange journey.

File Server to OneDrive/Teams Migration

Moving from on-premises file servers to OneDrive and Teams can be complicated and time consuming. Lone Star Tech has helped many organization make the leap to online file management.

Microsoft Endpoint Security

Protecting your endpoints isn't just installing antivirus. Microsoft Endpoint Security provides services to protect your endpoints and your business from threats. Talk with us to see if Endpoint Security is the right tool for your business.

Tenant-to-Tenant Migration

Business acquisitions are common today and merging your back-office services can reduce your operational workload. We've helped many companies navigate the post-merger processes required to move from one tenant to another.


How We Work?


Evaluate current environment

Every organization starts from a slightly different place. We take the time to understand where you are now so we can take you forward safely and with minimal impact to the business.


Create rollout plan for Microsoft 365

Our plans typically include creating pilot migrations, training staff on new management tools, and training end users on new services. Our goal is to ensure you're ready for a new way to work.


Deploy Microsoft 365 to business

Our team of experienced engineers will work to ensure minimal downtime for your staff. We understand email and file services are critical to your business and treat them with the importance they deserve.


Cleanup on-premises resources

Moving to the cloud means you can lower your on-premises footprint. Let Microsoft bear the burden for their services so you can focus on tasks that bring value to your business.

Empowered Staff

Microsoft 365 empowers your staff

The paradigm change for Microsoft 365 is empowering your users. Every user will have access to the latest services and capabilities from Microsoft. We can help you to take advantage of their strong offerings to support your business.

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