Email Brand Intelligence

Email Brand Intelligence is a service that helps you keep track of and prevent unauthorized email senders from using your domain. This way, you can protect your brand reputation from phishing and spoofing attacks. Our service is easy to set up and provides you with regular feedback so you can take action quickly if needed.

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Benefits of Email Brand Intelligence

Email Fraud

Prevent unauthorized senders from sending email on behalf of your organization

Email Reliability

Our service enhances the reliability of email delivered from your domain can be trusted.


Email security compliance is becoming a requirement by cybersecurity insurance providers as well as some government and regulatory agencies.

Email Brand Intelligence

Implementing Email Brand Intelligence Service


Assessing Email Infrastructure

  • Assess email infrastructure size and complexity
  • Identify all your email domains and their users

Understanding DMARC Policies

  • Validate SPF and DKIM Records
  • Create DMARC Monitoring Policy

Publishing a DMARC Record

  • Publish DMARC Record for each Domain

Collecting Email Data

  • Analyze Data from Sender Reports
  • Identify all Validated Senders

Implement Reject Policies

  • Configure / Update SPF/DKIM Records
  • Create Alerts for Anomalies

What is DMARC?

DMARC, the technology behind our Email Brand Intelligence Service, is an email authentication protocol that helps protect your domain from unauthorized use, such as email spoofing or phishing. DMARC uses SPF and DKIM, two other protocols that verify the sender of an email message. DMARC also allows you to specify how receivers should handle messages that fail these checks, such as rejecting or quarantining them. By implementing DMARC for your organization, you can increase the trustworthiness and deliverability of your email messages, and reduce the risk of cyberattacks.

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How does Email Brand Intelligence Work?

Our Email Brand Intelligence service collects and analyzes XML data from email servers around the world. These reports provide important records about how your email is delivered and received, and allows us to identify all the sources that are using your email domain, including unauthorized ones. However, XML is not easy to read and interpret by humans. Our service simplifies this process by consolidating and presenting the data in a clear and actionable way. This will enable you to implement a DMARC rejection policy that will protect your email reputation and security.

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